The Monaco-Eze Cocktail


1 Day


69 €


Next dates for this trip coming soon !

Description Monaco Eze Trip


Linked to the Grimaldi family for seven hundred years, the Principality of Monaco had progressively found its place at the centre of the world stage. Monaco is a prosperous and conveniently located state, with a flourishing economy and undoubted international influence. Above all, the Principality is an outstanding tourist destination. Also, As well as its superb natural location , it has a large number of luxury hotels, gastronomic restaurants, top-of-the-range well-being centres, sports facilities and a liverly night-life. Thus, by joining this trip you will get the chance to live the glamourous life of the Monaco inhabitants during few hours !


Then, come and discover the medieval village of Eze, one of the most picturesque villages in the department. Perched like an eagle’s nest on the top of an imposing and superb cliff, you will find small stone streets, vaulted passages, shaded squares… Moreover you will find many small craft stores will also solicit your curiosity. Finally, You will go from wonder to wonder, like a theater set while discovering this magnificent village!

So join this tour and live the French Southerners way of life by discovering some of the most beautiful places of the South of France !


what to do in monaco
what to do in eze

Program of the Monaco Eze Trip


08:30 – Meeting Point


09:00 – Transfert to Monaco by train

09:00 – Small City Tour with stops in Fort St Antoine, Cathedral of Monaco and some points of view

11:55 – Stop at the Place du Palais to see the change of guard

12:00 pm – Visit of the Palace: either visit of the Prince’s car collection or visit of the Palace

01:30 pm – Picnic + Tasting of regional products

02:15 pm – Zero waste mini-workshop

02:45 pm – Free time in Monte Carlo

04:00 pm – Transfert to Eze by train

05:15 pm – Visit of the Gallimard Factory and Museum

06:00 pm – Free time in the beautiful village of Eze

07:30 pm – End of the Trip in Nice


If you take the option, the trip will finish later !

07:30 pm – Free time for Dinner
08:30 pm - Beer bike from 35€

With your new friends made during the trip, take to the streets of Nice and discover the city in style! The Beerbike will allow you to combine the pleasure of cycling around the city with the pleasure of refreshing your throat with your friends. Become your own DJ for the night by choosing the music that will accompany your ride! Partying has never been so easy !

22:30 – End of the Trip


A super Guide for you during the whole trip
A whatsapp group to gather you even before the trip !
Trains tickets for the whole trip
The Small City Tour of Monaco
Visits of the Palace

You will have the choice between visiting the Palace or the Prince’s car collection :

1. The Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. Built in 1191, originally as a fortress, the building has been bombed and sieged by many foreign forces. Since the end of the 13th century, it has been the residence of the House of Grimaldi, sovereign princes of this principality. You can visit the apartments and many rooms of the palace that make its reputation !

2. The remarkable exhibition of the Prince’s cars includes nearly a hundred vehicles of all ages, from the largest firms in Europe and America, as well as six carriages, all belonging to the Prince. You will have the chance to discover this collection that will make many people dream!

Tasting of regional products

During the picnic together, we will make you taste some French food or drinks like cheese, wine, dry sausage etc…

The products will change according to the period and to the merchants’ arrivals 

Zero Waste mini-workshop

We want to make you aware of the solutions that exist to live more ecologically and to do a little more for our planet. For this we will propose a zero waste workshop in which you will learn how to create an object or a zero waste product that you can use in your daily life such as an ecological detergent, washable sponges, shampoo or dry toothpaste, etc… You can even leave with the product you have created to start living a different life, and better for our planet!

Visit of the Gallimard Factory and Museum

Discover the process of the Flower to the Perfume, go back in time during a visit, live singular olfactory experiences and discover the alchemy and the secrets of this Art which is the Perfumery. You can also discover the artisanal soap factory and the different stages of soap production! You will be immersed in the French culture and its world-renowned products will no longer have any secrets for you!

Non included
Non included
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Pic Nic

If the trip is sold out or the dates have not been already set up.

what to do in monaco
what to see in eze
que faire a eze



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